Who We Are


20th September 1924: Amahlubi arrived in the North West from Alice in the Eastern Cape led by Nkosi Nonkonyana Shadrack Fuba Zibi. The Chief realized the importance of land ownership when he was in Europe in French World War and on his return he convinced his regiment that they should acquire land with their salaries.

The community is currently under the leadership of Nkosi Madoda Shadrack Zibi, who has engineered development to be spread across 5 villages which include Khayakhulu, Welgeval, KwaNolanga, Welverdiend, Goedehoop,Welgeval ,with a current population of 13 598 people (Female: 7190, Male: 6408)

The Amahlubi Chairman's Foundation is founded by Mr LN Zibi as an initiative by the Amahlubi Traditional Council, through the office of the Nkosi Madoda Shadrack Zibi

Our Vision

Help to improve the standard of living in the community by supporting the Amahlubi Traditional Council in ensuring integrated rural socio-economic growth.

Our Mission

Offer training and skills and to support and enhance the community developmental initiatives for youth, woman and the disabled as required by the incumbent Chief and Traditional Council.

Our Role

Accountable, Transparent and sound reliable financial management practices

Our Strategy

• Add value to our members while securing investment to secure jobs.
• Support iNkosi and the Traditional Council through their developmental aspirations.
• Show value to our sponsors, donors and investors in our social activities and projects.
• Develop a CRM that is one of a kind with simulation software that can be tailored to our client's needs.
• Skills transfer and Enterprise supplier development.
• Create a one of a kind development fund for rural economic investment.


• To act as a central figure to promote development which is will foster a mutually beneficial relationship with other organizations, whose objects are similar to those of the Chairman's Foundation. • To further the interests of the community youth, women, disabled and the poor. • Promote and develop common commercial interests of our corporate and public institutions. • To promote and develop projects which are in line with the vision of the foundation and beneficial to foundation members. • Advocate and facilitate funding and resources for development.

The next Billionaires of this world are not going to come from the oil and gas industry. They will come from the Agriculture industry - President: African Development Bank

Membership Of The Foundation

Aim: transforming traditional communities into socially and economically balanced society (2018-2025).

Membership Outline:

  • Unlimited membership

  • Currently 400+ members who have submitted an application in writing, in a form approved by council, stating name of candidate, address and occupation and such other information as the council may reasonably require for approval by council of admission.

  • Community members who would like to join the Chairman's Foundation pay a joining fee for membership which increases annually once approved by the Traditional Council.

  • There's an administration fee, which is once off.

Foreword by the Chairperson

Amahlubi Chairmans Foundation has become an institution for developing our rural personalia, the elderly, young, poor, wealthy, uneducated and educated to comprehend the importance of comprehensive rural development. We are proud to have lead the charge to lead in this sector as an institution for the people by the people under traditional leadership.

As we embark on consolidating and strengthing our board and governance structures by ensuring that our oversite role as the board to the management committee is always intergrated, credible and organised. By so doing we are going to be introducing a board structure to ensure that we achieve integrity in executing favourably on our policy undertakings..

This process will be lead by the CEO and the organisations secretariat who will be appointed on a full time basis serving and executing her functions both at board and management level.

It gives us great pleasure to invite potential social partners both government and non-governmental to work with us in taking forward the vision of developing our rural communities by applying educational methodologies and sciences prefered to the mainstream economies and their respective communities.

Learning through research and innovation poses as the future which must encompasse realities in our communities. Therefore each each socio-economic development program you’ll find in this report will seek scientific guardance from:

• Economic and Management sciences
• Education sciences
• Health sciences
• Agriculture sciences
• Law science
• Indegenious practice and culture sciences

We thank you in advance for the continued support and commitment to such a bold step to change our communities our Country and Africa for the better

"The fortunes of the future rests and favours those that make the best of the time afforded to them today"

- Prof. MS Zibi