Our Programmes


The programmes are designed to encourage and scale Rural Economic Development where the youth, women and the disadvantaged will be empowered and skilled to be self-suffecient.

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The programme's objective is to provide:
• Mentorship
• On-the-job Training
• Leadership Skills

To the following:
• The community's black senior citizens,
• Women,
• Youth,
• The Disabled.

• Emerging farmers who submit applications will upon approval of the applications be allocated 100Ha to farm and input support from our technical and consultative implementing companies and partners.

• Members of the ACF will each be allocated 100Ha to farm and the ACF will ensure a 80/30% revenue split of yield and support with merchandisation for the next crop season.

• This programme's objective is to enhance the art and culture sector by building and investing in sustainable projects for our five business and supplier development under ACF.

• This will be achieved thorugh multi-cultural festivals which will promote arts in music and dance for local musicians and dancers.

• The programme is aimed at investing in education through the awarding of bursaries at ACF's partner universaties and leadership development through our accredited comapies.

•This programme aims to benefit 50 pupils (youth) with exceptional grades and are members of the foundation.

The objective of this programme is to:

• Improve the technical skills of employees.

• To aquire new skills in relations to technology and innovation.

• Rurual development from a socio economic perspective.

• Infrastructure development (Storage ect).